LAKI Office House

The new real property development of LAKI Zrt. is coming to an end which is at the same time the building of its new headquarters.


The second phase of Laki Commercial Centre Office Building was completed

The building completed by ourselves received the final licence of use on 1 October, 2008.

The total completion of the office building in high quality, including three basement levels, ground floor and seven storeys, was properly coordinated, therefore we say thanks to our contractors, to the completing colleagues working in our company group and to the general contracting division managing the implementation of the total project.

Due to the thoughtful design and completion work the building of the second phase forms an excellent, “perfectly utilizable”, and complete commercial office building together with the building of the first phase delivered in 2004. It is worthy to mention the atmosphere and the success of the café operating in the inner yard of the ground floor.

The building and its detailed presentation can be seen in the first issue of 2009 of the architectural magazine “Arkad”.