Paris Department Store

The implementation, restoration work of Paris Department Store has begun.

The renovation of the first department store of Budapest, the old Divatcsarnok (39 Andrássy Street, District VI, Budapest) will begin this month by Market Építő Zrt (Market Construction Private Company Limited by Shares) and Laki Épületszobrász Zrt. (Laki Building Sculpture Private Company Limited by Shares). One of the most characteristic buildings of Andrássy Street constituting part of the World Heritage, the Paris Department Store was opened in 1910. Its renovation will be financed by ORCO Property Group, Hungary.

The imposing building subject to ancient monument protection will be renovated partly as a department store preserving its original function, partly as a luxurious office-block with exclusive commercial areas on the first two stories and one-space, light offices on the further five stories.

The implementation-restoration work will probably be finished in autumn 2008.


We received commission to perform the specialized finishing work of Agria Plaza in Eger

We received commission of Market Építő Zrt. to perform the elevation and interior stone-work as well as dry construction and painting work of Agria Plaza shopping mall in Eger.

During the work of more than 300 million HUF, some 6.500 m2 granite and limestone covering will be placed on the floor and the façade in glued design, and more than 20.000 m2 plasterboard wall and suspended ceiling will be mounted in gypsum plastered and painted design.

The expectable date of completion of the implementation work is December 2007.


The maintenance basis of the Swiss Stadler Train Producer was opened today in Pusztaszabolcs

The maintenance basis of the Swiss Stadler Train Producer Company was opened today within the framework of a ceremony in Pusztaszabolcs for which our company undertook the general contractor’s work under the commission of BALO Ltd.

The foundation stone of the maintenance basis in Pusztacsabolcs which was implemented by the winner of the engine-train tender of MÁV was placed down on 18th of December 2008 and it has been operating since the putting into traffic of the first Stadler-trains.

The modern maintenance basis was established by the transformation and renovation of an existing old hall, by building an 84-meter long pit to where two pairs of rail run in. The demolition work started with the demolition of the existing panel structures and reinforced concrete structures, after which only the roof’s PI panel structure and the building’s pillar sets remained. During the implementation, the building was completed with new, arched steel structure on both sides. New lathe machining hall and new washing hall were established, the frame structures of which are arched structures consisting of HEA beams placed in 6-meter distance each, with ribbed trapezoidal plate roofing. In the repair hall, two new inspection pits were built in which the railway is laid on reinforced concrete pillars. There is a new storey built on the old additional building, which constitutes the office side of the new hall. The secondary structure was also built of steel structure consisting of HEA beams. On both ends of the hall, protecting roofs were established by the extension of the arched steel structure, under which the train pulls in the hall through large-area glazed doors opened automatically. Around the building, we parked the old, neglected area, built parking lots and asphalt roads.

The principal task of the basis built is to clean and maintain the FLIRT trains running along the local railway lines Budapest-Székesfehérvár, Budapest-Pusztaszabolcs and Budapest-Tatabánya. The whole value of the project is 10 million EUR.