Interior Architecture

Others call it the flash in the pan of the building industry. There are buildings, where it is completely replaced every five-ten year, but not because it is not important or secondary, just the opposite. Similarly to clothing, the pieces touching our skin are selected in the finest garment, in case of building we have to select the buildings and surfaces the closest to us or in touch with us with the greatest care and attention. It looks also of course that this art in many cases produces interim pieces as our taste and the building function often change. Maybe our company undertakes a Laocoon fight, but at each interior design contract we try to create something lasting. Why can a plan well thought over with a view of functionality and the space created in appropriate style not be lasting if these are designed and executed appropriately with eyes set on future.

For example the spaces of Vigado in Pest or of the Academy of Music were once also made as a product of interior architecture and these interior spaces are today protected monuments…

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Restoration of Monument

Monuments. Memories eras gone by. Which is more difficult - to protect or to create?

Those who create monuments (and probably do not even survive to see their works to become monuments) do so in a liberated manner. Those who protect them, weighed down by responsibility, fight against (or just for) principles, technologies and money. This is a tribute, a tribute to the creators, one that is worth all effort.

As company dealing with decorative art, we have worked on monuments for a long time. These include the total re-carving of the ornaments at the Vígszínház theatre, the Fireplace Hall at the National Museum, the main entrance of the Ybl Palace, the balustrade of Keleti Railway Station, and the renewal of several façades in Andrássy Street. For the renewal of plaster, stone, artificial stone or lead glass, as well as for decorative painting, it is not sufficient to have the necessary staff number and industrial background. A team of engineers capable of co-ordinating the divisions and with the Monument Protecting Authority is also necessary. The Monument Renewal Division of our corporation carries out such duties. Being reputable experts, they direct and control our work in an understanding manner.

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General Construction

Buildings, that are especially important for us.

Either because it is about a client who is very dear to us, for example in our own development of real estates, or because it is about such an execution task that means a task very close to our company and our specialists and tailor-made for them.

Our team consisting of designers and engineers sees through the tasks from the birth of the idea to the total execution, starting from the study on the feasibility through the preparation of the plan documentation on the licensing and then on the execution, to the realization of the overhaul and in the end it is in at the birth of the building until the occupation and exploitation.

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Facades and Spaces

Just like coming across the shop windows, we also see the building facades and external spaces. This gives the first impression on the environment interpreted in strict and broad sense and the different buildings. In many cases facades and external spaces are rebuilt or restored individually, as a separate undertaking, therefore it is worth specializing in this field.

This especially refers to the environment or facades under monument protection as expertise itself means to assume a huge responsibility, too. Fatal mistake can be committed to a one- or many-hundred-year-old facade or native park.

The liability of the executing party extends to other things as well. Someone not wishing to read a book does not go to the library, those not interested in fine arts do not go to the museum and others not fond of music do not visit the Academy of Music. On the other hand everybody passes these buildings and shall see the built environment thereof. Thus they can no longer hide from culture and art, which these built facades and external spaces transmit.

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