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Architecture is a branch of industry, which is afforded the opportunity to create something enduring.  It makes me proud and happy to be living and working in architecture, day in and day out. Such a marvellous experience, yet a serious responsibility at the same time.

Decorative works of art - whether they be handicraft goods or decorative elements produced by industrial machines - always appear on visible surfaces, thus considerably defining the appearance of any building. Nevertheless, worthwhile buildings may become monuments over time, characteristic of the age in which they were built. This does not refer merely to theatres and museums! Quite often the homes of famous artists, scientists or politicians become places visited by the public. You never know if the building you are working on is a future monument or will become a later symbol of our age. Therefore, it is seminal for us to fulfil each and every assignment with the same responsibility and enthusiasm.

Péter Laki

Company details

Income (million HUF)

Designing and undertaking-preparatory background

One of the merits of our enterprise is the precise preparation of the undertaking and production. Each and all of our production units prepare the pre-calculations and product plans with the number and IT background adjusted to the nature of the business. The preparatory, designing team of engineers – of very considerable number in local relation – involved in the execution of the stone industrial and internal architecture joinery works and the serious infrastructural background deserve special mention.

Manufacturing, execution and logistic background

The essential background to the high-standard work of our divisions operating individually is ensured by the factory units located on our industrial sites. The manufacturing of the different products runs on high-capacity, computer-driven stone- and wood-processing machines, with industrial drying chambers and painting workshops.

Through our central raw material purchasing supported with warehousing capacity and own truck park our works can be organised cost-effectively.

Our units involved with execution manage the contracted works with assistance in designing and art under precise engineering guidance. Our competent and well-equipped colleagues uniform in appearance perform their work with state-of-the-art devices and tools. They keep reliable and correct relations in technical and financial sense to our partners.

The high standard of our works are guaranteed at all times through continuous and strict quality controls.