Hundreds of thousands of people have seen it, and now it will be even more beautiful: the restoration of the Castle of Füzér continues

The latest works of the restoration of one of the most beautiful monuments in North-Eastern Hungary were undertaken by Laki Zrt.

More than 810 million HUF will be spent on the next subproject of the monument restoration of one of the most important monuments in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County, the Füzér Fortress. After Alsóvár (Lower Fortress) was built in the first phase handed over three years ago in the eight-hundred-year-old fortress, several venues in the Felsővár (Upper Fortress) have been renovated and a craftsmen's workshop has been established.

According to the data of the EU public procurement notice, the Laki Épületszobrász Kft. is now returning the castle with a historic reconstruction as an interactive exhibition space, during the development called the Füzér REGÉLŐ Fortress.


The fountain can also be renewed

Besides, the castle walls will be reinforced, a low-current electrical space will be handed over and infrastructure work will be carried out in the courtyard. In addition, the investor Füzér Várgondnokság also claims an option right

In Füzér, one of the first stone fortresses of Hungary gets back its former glory

The castle of Füzér was built in the Middle Ages and towers over the village of Füzér 170 meters above. It is believed that it was built by the Aba clan in the Árpád era, and is unique with being one of the first aristocratic stone fortresses in Hungary. According to earlier statements, more than 90,000 tourists visited it by the first half of last year.



Visit to the Buda Castle

On 27 September, under the guidance of Péter Horváth, Business Unit Manager, we visited the Royal Riding Hall and Building of the Royal Guards with the staff of LAKI Zrt.


Krisztina Fülöp became the Interior Designer of the Year

The Interior Designer of the Year Award was presented at the Pest Vigadó. Krisztina Fülöp received the recognition, which is 20 years old this year, founded by Péter Laki, for the internal transformation of the Örkény István Theatre.

"Krisztina Fülöp has carried out a very solid, dignified and exciting job at the Örkény István Theatre," said József Finta, Kossuth and Ybl Prize-winner architect, noting that the theatre architecture is a very special genre, because the theatre is a public building and a place of some kind of mystery, at the same time, and "architectural work must not surpass the play that takes place at the theatre."

Krisztina Fülöp said that one of her dreams came true with the transformation of the Örkény István Theatre. It is not the first time that the work of the architect was awarded by the professional jury, as, together with Orsolya Glavanovics, she was granted the recognition for the transformation of the Manninger Villa.

At the award ceremony, György Fekete, honorary president of Hungarian Academy of Arts (MMA), the Kossuth Prize-winning interior designer emphasized: The work of the winners of the Interior Designer of the Year Award has been characterized by stylistic diversity and unitedly high quality.

“Higher education regarding interior design ceased in Hungary four or five years ago, but from 2020, because of the great efforts of recent years, the education will be started again. As it is the case everywhere in the world,” said György Fekete. He emphasized that interior design is a separate profession; the mind-set is exactly the opposite as that of the architecture: they do not design a building and then a space into it, but mainly design spaces around themselves. "The award of Péter Laki draws attention to interior design and makes up for the state's lack of attention so far," he said.

Before the event, Péter Laki remembered the beginning when "I have been working in the construction industry for 15 years, and I spent every day in interior design." He realised that there was no award for interior designers, even though the Miklós Ybl Prize already existed for architects. Peter Laki compared the 20-year-old interior design award to a 20-year-old child who “does not cause too many problems anymore, and it has surpassed his father because it can stay alive thanks to the attention of the profession and the public and became viable on his own. It's also good to see this award for the reason it is needed.”

Judit O. Ecker, an Interior Designer with a Pro Architectura Award, noted that the Chamber recognizes the award to the extent that it now gives the same rank as the Ybl Prize-winners. "Today is not a celebration in every respect, because it is all about interior design, from the simplest pub to the most up-to-date concert hall, while it is little about who did it and what thoughts led them."

In addition to the awards ceremony, the Vigadó building will host an exhibition of works from recent years until 17 November as well as a thematic exhibition entitled Applied Arts in Interior Design.



LAKI May Day was full of championships this year

On 25 May, 2019, we held our May Day event this year, representing the FOOD-truck kitchen again. Nearly 100 children had the possibility to try the mechanical bull, shooting race and table tennis tournaments, with winners in several categories. The best ones won Decathlon vouchers and medals. At the adult table tennis tournament and shooting race colleagues took home prize money.


More than 300 fencers on the piste

There were about 330 competitors in six age-groups, among others there were fencers from Italy and Romania. The chairman, Katalin Györffy said that it was the first competitive situation for many of them, but there were also several experienced competitors showing their abilities.



Master of Wine Award

In 2019, junior Mihály Figula, a winemaker in Balatonfüred, was chosen the Master of Wine, thus actually reaching the peak of the profession in Hungary.

The name of Mihály Figula shines on the Promenade of Stars of the Masters of Wine, which has been established with the support of LAKI Zrt in Zrínyi Street in District 5.


The facade of the 117-year-old Royal Riding Hall is reborn

One of the most valuable buildings in Buda Castle was bombed in the Second World War, completely demolished in socialism, but now it is being rebuilt. The Royal Riding Hall, renovated by the West Hungária Bau Kft. and the LAKI Épületszobrász Zrt., was presented in the TV programme of the “Magyar Építők” and the Echo Tv both inside and outside.