There are, there were and there will be construction workers…


Team building in the Castle

On 19 July, we could see the work at the Buda Castle, the Main Guardhouse, the Stöckl Steps and the Lovarda (Riding Hall) in the Csikós yard during a teambuilding.


LAKI Junial took place also this year

On 2 June 2018, on Saturday we held our second Junial event, which represented the FOOD-truck kitchen again. At our event with nearly 300 guests, 100 children could feel great and could try, for example, an inflatable adventure park, trampoline, or an inflatable meltdown and the lucky winners could bring Decathlon vouchers home. We organized a living table football tournament for our team members for team building purposes.


Another luxury hotel in the heart of the downtown

Following the success of ARIA Hotel, we are building a new luxury hotel. The demolition-, structure-construction, roof construction and facade restoration works are in progress on the Southern Klotild Palace, or Matild Palace, as called with her urban name. The neo-baroque style building will become the home of a 130-room luxury hotel.


The third phase of the restoration of the Synagogue in Rumbach Street is in progress

After the completion of the demolition, construction and roofing works, the works on the Rumbach Sebestyén Street Synagogue will continue with the interior constructions, decoration works and the restoration of decorative painting.


We could take part in supporting Hungarian Championship of young athletes

LAKI Zrt. supported to organize the 2nd round of the Wadokai Hungarian Championship 2018 this year also. Attila Tóth, the chairman of Piramis SE, said that they managed to organize a very successful competition and their karatekas were excellent.


The modernization works of the Opera House have started

The modernization project of the Hungarian State Opera House has started with demolition and organizational works. The West Hungária Bau Ltd., the Épkar Plc. and the LAKI Épületszobrász Plc. work together for both the internal and external renewal of the Opera House by forming a joint consortium.

The bases of the renovation include the transformation of the building’s electrical and mechanical systems, but during the project the historic heritage areas are also renewed. There will be major changes to the building’s two frontispiece tracts from the direction of Andrássy and Lázár street, where premises with new functions will be constructed: into the former the Multi-function premise, into the latter the Home stage. The allocation of the audience seat will be changed; new and fresh drapes will be placed into the boxes and into the other public audience areas.

The curiosity of the project is the ’design and build’ construction, during which the planning and execution are taking place continuously and parallel to each other, so the Investor, throughout the entire process, may make decisions based on coordinated, practice-oriented technical solutions, adapting to the site conditions.


The Interior Designer of the Year Award was given to Balázs Kéry

The “Interior Designer of the Year” award, founded by Péter Laki in 1998, was handed out on Tuesday, 30 th January, for the nineteenth time in the imposing building of the Pesti Vigadó.

György Vashegyi, President of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, György Fekete, Kossuth Prize-winning interior designer, the Honorary President of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, and Dr. József Finta, Kossuth Prize-winning architect and chairman of the jury attended the event as guests of honour.

The “Interior Designer of the Year” award is given annually by the Department of Interior Design of the Hungarian Chamber of Architects to the designer of an interior design work which the jury finds to have outstanding and special design value.

The award ceremony of the prize founded by Péter Laki as a private initiative has become a permanent meeting point in the life of the architects and the representatives of the investors and contractors of the construction industry through the energy used, the perseverance and consistency showed, and not least the money spent during the past 19 years.

In 2016, Balázs Kéry was awarded the title “Interior Designer of the Year” with the reconstruction of the railway station in Kaposvár. “Handing out the interior designer of the year award has always had some message to the profession, and this award-winning work shows the importance and modernity of clear spaces. This consistency was realized in this design.”

The jury specially emphasized and praised the reconstruction of the Castle of Fűzér, designed by Zsófia Lukács, and the reconstruction of the Hild Villa, designed by László Kokas. In addition, and especially the very lovable and praiseworthy dwelling house in Csíkszereda, designed by Csaba Jakab, was emphasized.

The award winner received, in addition to the gilded bronze memorial medallion certifying the award, a one million and five hundred thousand forints reward from dr. József Finta, chairman of the jury, and from Péter Laki, founder of the award and General Manager of Laki Épületszobrász Zrt.