The Interior Designer of the Year Award was given to Balázs Kéry

The “Interior Designer of the Year” award, founded by Péter Laki in 1998, was handed out on Tuesday, 30 th January, for the nineteenth time in the imposing building of the Pesti Vigadó.

György Vashegyi, President of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, György Fekete, Kossuth Prize-winning interior designer, the Honorary President of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, and Dr. József Finta, Kossuth Prize-winning architect and chairman of the jury attended the event as guests of honour.

The “Interior Designer of the Year” award is given annually by the Department of Interior Design of the Hungarian Chamber of Architects to the designer of an interior design work which the jury finds to have outstanding and special design value.

The award ceremony of the prize founded by Péter Laki as a private initiative has become a permanent meeting point in the life of the architects and the representatives of the investors and contractors of the construction industry through the energy used, the perseverance and consistency showed, and not least the money spent during the past 19 years.

In 2016, Balázs Kéry was awarded the title “Interior Designer of the Year” with the reconstruction of the railway station in Kaposvár. “Handing out the interior designer of the year award has always had some message to the profession, and this award-winning work shows the importance and modernity of clear spaces. This consistency was realized in this design.”

The jury specially emphasized and praised the reconstruction of the Castle of Fűzér, designed by Zsófia Lukács, and the reconstruction of the Hild Villa, designed by László Kokas. In addition, and especially the very lovable and praiseworthy dwelling house in Csíkszereda, designed by Csaba Jakab, was emphasized.

The award winner received, in addition to the gilded bronze memorial medallion certifying the award, a one million and five hundred thousand forints reward from dr. József Finta, chairman of the jury, and from Péter Laki, founder of the award and General Manager of Laki Épületszobrász Zrt.