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Architecture is a branch of industry, which is afforded the opportunity to create something enduring. It makes me proud and happy to be living and working in architecture, day in and day out. Such a marvellous experience, yet a serious responsibility at the same time.
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Archives The renewed Synagogue in the Rumbach Sebestyén street will be beautiful The renovation of the synagogue in the Rumbach Sebestyén street is progressing so spectacularly that, with the intense noise of interior works, the exterior facade can be seen in its full splendour. 2018.11.16. The Royal Riding Hall is reborn From behind the scaffolds, we can slowly see the magnificent building which became the victim of the Second World War, later it was demolished, and now a completely new building will be born untarnished. 2018.11.13. The new office building of the Hungarian Academy of Arts has been inaugurated At the ceremony, Miklós Kásler, Minister of Human Resources, emphasized: as it is not the task of the elected government to define the direction of culture, it does not do so. At the same time, it is a constitutional obligation of the government to protect our values sovereignly, to provide everyone a chance for creation and cultural growth, - the minister added. 2018.10.02.


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