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Architecture is a branch of industry, which is afforded the opportunity to create something enduring. It makes me proud and happy to be living and working in architecture, day in and day out. Such a marvellous experience, yet a serious responsibility at the same time.
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Archives Another luxury hotel in the heart of the downtown Following the success of ARIA Hotel, we are building a new luxury hotel. The demolition-, structure-construction, roof construction and facade restoration works are in progress on the Southern Klotild Palace, or Matild Palace, as called with her urban name. The neo-baroque style building will become the home of a 130-room luxury hotel. 2018.04.17. The third phase of the restoration of the Synagogue in Rumbach Street is in progress After the completion of the demolition, construction and roofing works, the works on the Rumbach Sebestyén Street Synagogue will continue with the interior constructions, decoration works and the restoration of decorative painting. 2018.04.17. We could take part in supporting Hungarian Championship of young athletes LAKI Zrt. supported to organize the 2nd round of the Wadokai Hungarian Championship 2018 this year also. Attila Tóth, the chairman of Piramis SE, said that they managed to organize a very successful competition and their karatekas were excellent. 2018.04.11.


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